"Buy Local" is in.

So consider this: The most local food grows in your garden!


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Companion Planting

Companian Planting is a century-old technique used for controlling pests and improving yields.   The Garden Wheel quickly tells you the friends and foes of 40 common herbs and vegetables.  With one glance you can see which crops to plant together and which to keep apart. This Wheel is applicable worldwide.

ISBN: 0-96842384-1

Retail price: $21.95

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Vegetable Planting Guide

This Wheel tells you everything you need to know about planning and planting your vegetable garden.  From soil conditions to how to start, how much to seed, when and how to harvest to storage requirements.  Applicable in all areas with modereate climate.

ISBN: 0-9684238-0-9

Retail price: $21.95


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Herb Planting Guide

This wheel presents 40 easy to grow herbs. It tells you how to grow them, when to harvest, how to use them in the kitchen, and what, if any, medicinal use they have; as well as other practical applications.

ISBN: 0-9684238-3-3

Special sales price: $19.95!


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Beneficial and Edible Flowers

tells you everything you need to know about 40 easy to grow flowers that not only please the eye, but also help protect the garden from pests and diseases, improve your harvest, or provide culinary delights.  Includes a few recipes for cooking withh flowers.

ISBN: 1-894535-02-2

Retail Price: $21.95

Spring Cleaning!

We are saying "Good Bye" to our slightly less perfect Wheels. They have minor printing glitches, however all the information is there, and most imperfections are barely visible to the untrained eye.

 Available are: Companion Planting At A Glance, lamobonded $15

non-lamobonded $10.

More specials!

Order any 2 regular Wheels and pay only $40.00.

Any 3 regular Wheels: $56.

Any regular 4 Wheels: $65.  Plus shipping.                 

Your choice of Wheels


The ultimate gift for the avid gardener:

                        A hand-made leather cover for all four wheels.

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For price, please contact Calendula Publishing


* Note to our neighbours to the south:  The Canadian dollar is currently around 75 cents to the US dollar. This means a Wheel costs about $16.50 US.


Coming soon, our latest Publication:

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Tips, Information and Stories

from and beyond

the Garden Patch

¨    Stroll through the seasons while learning valuable tips from the experts.

¨    Take a break, relax, have a laugh and enjoy gardening stories from around the world.

¨    Plus plenty of room for taking your own notes.

In short:

A Book for All Seasons!

With contributions by:

Marjorie Willison, David Tracey, Des Kennedy, Peter Coade, David Suzuki, Dan Jason and others.

Edited by:

Shelley Solmes and Katherine McCarron

Illustrations by Marijke Simons

Hardcover, 240 pages, 6“x9”

ISBN 1-894535-05-8

Retail: $39.95; *  

Please, check for availability




We also make wonderful journals!

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My Garden

A personal Logbook


Illustrations by Shirley MacKinley.

Hand-bound by:  The Artist's Bindery, Nova Scotia

It's one of a kind!


This special, hand-bound limited edition contains...

A Garden Journal to keep track of all your plants.

A "Things To Do" List to help you remember "out of season" tasks like pruning, transplanting or dividing perennials

A Seed Inventory

A Chart for Frost Dates so you can establish a few reference values.

A Birdlog to identify and remember your visitors.

A Troubleshooting List No garden is problem free!

...and lots of extra pages for Notes and Garden Layouts.

Plus practical tips in each section!

The sturdy wire binding on the inside guarantees that every page from first to last to opens flat for easy writing.

Designed to last for up to ten years. 180 pages.

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Cover picture by Nova Scotia artist Helen Opie.

Illustrations by Shirley MacKinnley and Helen Opie.

Idea and layout by Barbara Schulz

This new version is not just for gardeners!

Designed so anybody may use it as a journal, a daily planner or simply as a diary.

Can be used for several years. Makes a great reference book!

Spiral-bound for easy use. 150 pages


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logogree.gif (10610 bytes) Attention retailers: 

We do sell wholesale.  Regular trade discounts apply. 

Please, e-mail us your order and we will send you an invoice which can be paid with credit card.



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