What's in a name?

Calendula (officinalis), commonly called pot-marigold, is a hardy annual native to the Mediterranean. It grows about 12 inches high displaying a variety of yellow to orange flowers. Calendula has been a favourite in farmer's gardens for centuries, thanks to its ability to deter nematodes in the soil, and for its medicinal uses. Its colourful blossoms attract bees and other beneficial insects helping in the pollination of nearby fruits and vegetables. Today's gardeners appreciate its simple beauty, its versatility, and the fact that it is so easy to grow.

Our goal at Calendula Publishing is to make your garden work easier, more productive, and ultimately more fun. Our series "Organic Gardening Tools" started in 1998 with the

Garden Wheel: Companion Planting at a Glance, followed by the

Garden Wheel: Vegetable Planting Guide,

the Herb Wheel and in 2002 we published out latest Wheel:

Beneficial and Edibl Flowers.

Since 1999 we also publish every year the Calendar and Garden Guide.

The same year the first edition of A Gardener's Handbook came out.

Also in 2002 we finally released My Garden, a beautiful, hand-bound logbook that has been in the making for a long time. Other garden related books are in the making.

What's next??

Soon Calendula Publishing will have a new home so we can move forward and publish more exciting gardening books.  Our "Garden Kaleidoscope" will go to the printer shortly.

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By mail: RR1, 40 Big Rock Lane,  Box 13, Chester, NS, B0J 1J0

By e-mail

Our new phone number is: (902) 708-3115


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